1. WarZone

    WarZone Anhilateur Membre confirmé

    Très bon tuto ! Sa aide beaucoup les nouveaux joueurs !
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  2. _iDorian_

    _iDorian_ Tueur d'enderman Membre confirmé

    Merci pour le tutoriel, ca peut aider les nouvelles personnes :)
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  3. Altox

    Altox Tueur d'enderman Membre confirmé

    Merci beaucoup cela a aider beaucoup de joueurs.
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  4. SqulyteYT

    SqulyteYT Anhilateur Membre confirmé

    Ah voilà , merci beaucoup de ton tutoriel sa m'aide vraiment , bonne journée à vous ! ;)
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  5. Foudrere

    Foudrere Chômeur, ancien prof d'histoire Membre confirmé

    Bon tutoriel, ce tutoriel m'aide un peu car je ne savais pas tout, merci ^^
    • Je t'aime <3 Je t'aime <3 x 1
  6. Sacrefor

    Sacrefor Terreur Membre confirmé

    Merci à toi du tutoriel ! J'ai appris certaines choses :dab::dab:
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  7. swordyAf

    swordyAf swordy Membre confirmé

    merci pour le tuto :D !!!!!!!!
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  8. Beyonders

    Beyonders Joueur d'ESO confirmé

    Merci beaucoup pour le tuto :):)
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  9. TeaZGrizzly

    TeaZGrizzly Tueur d'enderman Membre confirmé

    Merci j'avais perdu le craft des popo brise armure
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  10. MrVatacanara

    MrVatacanara Cro-magnon de père en fils ... Membre confirmé

    Merci pour les /warps ;)
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  11. Raeweth

    Raeweth Tueur d'enderman

    J'ai appris quelques crafts que je ne connaissais pas merci beaucoup ce tutoriel sera un repère pour les nouveaux arrivants.
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  12. OliXz909

    OliXz909 Vendeur de Sable

    Tres bon tuto, merci
  13. y00

    y00 Vendeur de Sable

    Set in Detroit, the series stars Martin Lawrence in the role of Martin Payne, a disc jockey with a girlfriend named Gina Waters. Martin works for the fictional radio station WZUP and later for local Public-access televisionstation Channel 51. A common theme of the series is Martin's ornery and wayward nature. Episodes often center on Martin's inconsiderate behaviors and incessant smart mouth towards his friends, neighbors, and whoever else finds themselves in his presence. When all is said and done, however, Martin loves his family and friends—it just takes dire situations for him to show it.[1]

    As the series progressed, plotlines saw Martin eventually move on to become the host of the talk show "Word on the Street," which aired on the small Detroit Public-access television station Channel 51. He retained this position until the series' final episode, in which he and Gina prepared to move to Los Angeles, from where his show would be syndicated nationally. The move coincided fortuitously with Gina's promotion by her boss Mr. Whitaker to head up his company's new Los Angeles headquarters, after having shut down the Detroit office. Pam, whom Whitaker let go two episodes earlier due to this consolidation and downsizing, went on to pursue a career in the music industry as an artists & repertoire (A&R) executive at Keep It Real Records. (This plotline is the subject of a backdoor pilot episode that was included in the Martin series for a planned sitcom on Fox starring Tichina Arnold to be called Goin' for Mine [Episode 129, "Goin' for Mine"]. This sitcom never materialized, though.) And at series' end, Cole proposed to his even more dimwitted, but attractive and devoted girlfriend Shanise (portrayed by Maura McDade), and they made plans to move into their own place. The only actor to appear in every episode as the same character is Tommy played by Thomas Mikal Ford.

    In early episodes, Lawrence began with a monologue of him speaking to the camera and audience from the darkened radio studio.

    In 1996, Tisha Campbell filed a lawsuit against her co-star Martin Lawrence and the show's producers for sexual harassment and verbal and physical assaults, and she did not appear in most of the season five episodes. The explanation in most of the episodes Campbell did not appear in was that Gina was "out on business", though in the two-part episode "Going Overboard" it was stated that Gina had arrived too late to board the boat for the trip alongside everyone else.[2] HBO Studios eventually settled the case with Campbell so that the show's last season could be completed.[3] Campbell did return to the Martin set to film the two-part season finale under the condition that she would not share any scenes with or interact in any way with Martin Lawrence. In the episode, Martin and Gina kept entering and exiting the sets at different times and the storyline was adjusted so that the characters were both part of it but never crossed paths.
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  14. Rorodu45

    Rorodu45 Dieu du forum Membre confirmé

    Warp sortie - Safe existe encore ?
  15. OnlyBrook

    OnlyBrook Souverain d'AllFight Membre du personnel Membre confirmé

    Non depuis la saison 6
  16. Rorodu45

    Rorodu45 Dieu du forum Membre confirmé

    Donc il faudrait l'enlever non ?

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